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Arts and Ideas Club

The Arts and Ideas Club is an initiative of the University of Madeira Culture Council. As its name would suggest, this is an open invitation to the community comprising creators, spectators, event planners, patrons of the arts, and any other people whose interests revolve mainly around creative efforts of an aesthetic nature, which now expand and brave new territory, often on the edges of aesthetic and cultural experience – the visual arts in all their shapes and forms, including aesthetic phenomena more and more reliant on diffusion across computer networks; design, which naturally includes interactive media design, currently undergoing a creative blossoming – not forgetting, at any rate, all sorts of aesthetic expression and cultural outlooks that have yet to be charted but require attention nonetheless.
But this is also, and emphatically so, an invitation to all those who, recognizing themselves as creative agents in their fields of interest and activity, see in their efforts a possible contribution toward the expansion of creativity in the arts and design –rough proposals for new fields of action, new tools, new technologies and, in that same vein, new ways to understand reality and perceive the world. Certain technological and scientific fields, now especially popular with the media, such as IT, robotics, genetics, biochemistry and naturally older scientific disciplines such as mathematics or linguistics, are essential to this enterprise.
Therefore, it is our goal to create an environment where creative paths can be shared and broadcast without prejudice as to rank or classification; to draw connections between elements which usually appear disconnected – by and large a consequence of progressive specialization, which tends to lock up different fields of expertise into airtight categories – through a process which will only come to fruition when we assure a kind of reciprocity from which all participants can benefit.
Coordination: Gonçalo Gouveia