Entrada Clubs Arts and Ideas Club Guiding principles

Guiding principles of ongoing activities

The Arts and Ideas Club must adapt its strategic orientation to the socioeconomic and cultural circumstances now at hand, remembering that these circumstances inform a deep, ubiquitous crisis that will surely last a long time and will quite likely give rise to new social, economic and political paradigms. Therefore, it is culturally transformative and the arts cannot ignore it.
We propose three fundamental strategic axes along which the Arts and Ideas Club can operate:
  1. The divulgement of work in all disciplines relevant to current art and design, but also in other fields of expertise where a connection to the arts can be drawn, that do not at this moment enjoy widespread recognition or get sufficient, informed, in-depth coverage;
  2. The divulgement and advancement of new, valuable agents in the visual arts, design, and other scientific and  technological areas that operate in new scenarios or new ways that are viable in the present context;
  3. The aggregation, in the area of visual arts and design, as well as in the sciences, and especially where information technologies are concerned, of events that may be potentiated, in terms of impact and meaning, through the establishment of interrelationships, benefiting from adequate contextualization and clearer, better informed critical appraisal and divulgement;
Each of these axes configure a route for creative approaches, and consequent, indispensable propagation of realities that make their mark on diverse aspects of contemporary art, beginning with reflections on consolidated phenomena that have earned permanent places with educational or artistic institutions, becoming a part of our collective notion of what the visual arts should be, up to the discovery of new ways to create and perform, or the rediscovery of old ground which, having always formed a part of our cultural map, is frequently confined to the sphere of its particular objects, leading us to forget the unequivocal ways how it conditions the realities on which artistic languages and understanding have come to draw on. Naturally, considering what was said above, viability is at this moment a priority concern.