Entrada Clubs Body.Territory Club


Body.Territory. The creation of the "Club Body.Territory" aims to set up a working group to look into the issues of body and movement, creating and developing methodologies (theoretical and practical) aimed at the construction of the creative process, before becoming performance. The importance of "before becoming performance" relates to the diversity of forms, using the body and movement as tools and/or territory, can develop during the creative process. The idea of establishing a focus on process changes the regular order on the product performance, leaving this aspect to be worked in another context. We will, on the one hand, focus work in binomial Body.Territory and, secondly, cross it transversely to the disciplines of the other clubs. 

Coordination: Teresa Norton Dias 

Timetable: Post-employment

Location: University of Madeira

Open to the Academy and others. Older than18 years. All artistic fields.