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Deliberation N.º171/GC/2015

The founding of the Culture Council owes to the need to develop a coherent, fully-integrated cultural policy at the University of Madeira (UMa), its goal being the integral achievement of this educational institution’s Mission and Object, its Strategic Plan and its ongoing Development Plan.
This initiative constitutes a direct response to the principle inscribed into the new legal framework for institutions of higher learning, which addresses the production of knowledge and its contribution to the development of culture at national level. Where UMa is specifically concerned, this desideratum can be accomplished through the university’s intervention in the cultural life of the Autonomous Region of Madeira where the goal, naturally enough, is to play a relevant role.
In this particular context, it is of special importance to bolster the cultural capital of the university’s student body, by putting in place the means and possibilities to reinforce fruition as well as active, imaginative participation in cultural production that yields quality, diversity and adds to the region’s cultural capital. The steps taken, or events promoted under this strategy, must be perceived as short-, mid- and long-term investments. Cultural transformation, which often entails mentality changes and deeply ingrained experiential routines, is determined by influences and concepts which interact and evolve over time -- their impact is not exhausted once a particular event has come to an end.
Concomitantly, the premises of the Jesuit College (Colégio dos Jesuítas) must be available to host qualified cultural events of varying scope, proposed by the local community, to draw on the advantages of its central location in the urban layout, its status as a landmark historical building and the building's unique architectural traits. Likewise, there are premises available to the University which can, and should, be capitalized on, so as to further the University's cultural goals.
In a broader context, considering that one of the UMa’s current strategic goals is the expansion of its international reach, and at the same time taking into account the geographic limitations imposed on it, it is of particular importance to enhance the University's online presence, namely through support and design of events that can take place – partially or integrally – across social networks.

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