Choreographic Research Centre

Welcome to the Choreographic Research Centre! This space is designed to embrace and promote the realisation of choreographic research in a university environment. If you are passionate about this field and have an interesting proposal to share, we encourage you to contact us by filling out our online form. We look forward to hearing from you and the possibility of exploring your proposals together.

Call for e-book

With the intention of helping to promote the dissemination of the theoretical work produced in the area of Dance and related disciplines, the Nucleus for Choreographic Research / Experimental Performance Laboratory / Culture Council of the University of Madeira launches a “Call” for the e-book entitled “Corpos que Dançam II” (Bodies that Dance II). With an Editorial Board of reference, this challenge to the academic community is coordinated by Teresa Norton Dias, PhD (CEMRI-UAb/UMa) and Cristiane Pimentel Neder, PhD (GPELBA-UEMG-Frutal).

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N.PC - Research Group

International group, created in 2022, with the aim of sharing knowledge and projects in Dance.

Events held

– Webin@r internacional conducted by Prof. Dr. Fernanda Carlos Borges at the invitation of Prof. Dr. Teresa Norton Dias of the University of Madeira, on the body in the legacy of J. A. Gaiarsa | November 2020



Teresa Norton Dias

Andreia Nascimento