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Welcome to the Choreographic Research Centre! This space is designed to embrace and promote the realisation of choreographic research in a university environment. If you are passionate about this field and have an interesting proposal to share, we encourage you to contact us by filling out our online form. We look forward to hearing from you and the possibility of exploring your proposals together.


N.PC - Research Group

International group, created in 2022, with the aim of sharing knowledge and projects in Dance.


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We welcome the participation of all interested parties.


The Choreographic Research Centre/Council of Culture/University of Madeira, in collaboration with the Luso-Brazilian Audiovisual Studies Research Group/Federal University of Minas Gerais, is launching a call for an e-book entitled Corpos que Dançam III (Bodies that Dance III).


This e-book, with a referenced editorial board, includes António Laginha (CLEPUL – Portugal), Carlos Tejo (UVigo – Spain), Carlos Valente (UMa – Portugal), Cláudia Marisa Oliveira (ESMAE – Portugal), Eduarda Neves (ESAP – Portugal), Fernanda Carlos Borges (Escola da Tenda – Brazil), Giselle Ruzany (Gestalt Dance, LPC – USA), Helena Katz (PUC/SP – Brazil), Mônica Medeiros Ribeiro (UFMG – Brazil), Sandra Meyer Nunes (UFSC-Brazil) and Tales Frey (Cia. Excessos – Portugal) will bring together, in a multi-authored book, texts that reflect the countless practices that dance, as an artistic expression, presents. In this edition, we welcome contributions on art and anthropology, research and artistic practice, ethnographic research and movement, the body and narrative, image recordings and bodily expression, as well as performance, audiences and corporeality.


Share your research and reflections and collaborate in promoting a diversity of perspectives and approaches. Submit your article and help us explore the complexities of the moving body at the intersection of art and anthropology.


Detailed information can be found HERE.

Events held

– Webin@r internacional conducted by Prof. Dr. Fernanda Carlos Borges at the invitation of Prof. Dr. Teresa Norton Dias of the University of Madeira, on the body in the legacy of J. A. Gaiarsa | November 2020



Teresa Norton Dias

Andreia Nascimento