The Cultural Council was created in 2012. Idalina Sardinha chaired it until 2017. The Cultural Council based its activity on the dynamics created by a group of Clubs that promoted tributes to different individuals, conferences, talks and book launches. Follow all the activities here.

The Clubs promoted by the Cultural Council developed their activity in areas as diverse as cinema, literature and brainstorming sessions, manifesting themselves through initiatives sometimes promoted by their mentors or associated with other individuals or organisations. The activity developed by these Clubs has enabled new and fruitful alliances, not only within the academic fabric but also in the interaction with the surrounding community.

Athenaeum Club
Created in 2013, the "Clube de Cidadãos / Ateneu Club" developed meetings and round tables dedicated to various themes and conducted, in an informative environment, by personalities from Madeiran society.
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University Film Club
Created in 2013, the "Cinema University Club" has developed public and alternative sessions to traditional cinema, offering a space for sharing and reflection on cinema as a cultural object.
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Arts and Ideas Club
Created in 2014, the "Arts and Ideas Club" sought, through its activity and within the scope of the fine arts, to bring to discussion the fields of aesthetic expression of ideas and ways of seeing the world.
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Body.Territory Club
Created in 2015, the "Clube Corpo.Território" dedicated its activity to issues of the body and movement.
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Reading Club
Created in 2015, the "Reading Club" dealt with sharing for the taste of books, promoting meetings between readers and authors.
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Other activities filled the Cultural Council’s calendar. In collaboration with the Students Association, “Tributes” were paid to several individuals who played an important role in Portuguese musical culture, namely: Zeca Afonso (2013), Max (2014), Amália Rodrigues (2015), António Variações (2016) and Carlos do Carmo (2017). The tributes were paid as a musical show and had the collaboration of academic music groups, students and alumni of the University of Madeira.