Experimental Intermediate Arts

The “Experimental Laboratory of Intermediate Art” arises from the need to think and design a space for experimentation and advanced study, for an awareness of contemporary artistic creation, from the binomial sound art and visual arts. This Lab had its first experience in May 2018, in the organization of the tribute to the American composer John Cage, in an innovative moment of collaboration between composers, performers, performing musicians and visual artists.

It is intended, above all, to be a place of encounter and phenomenological sharing, between artists and academics, in the alternative offer of research and problematization put into practice on the re-leadings of the concept of total art and its activation in a common place, the Sala dos Arcos of Colégio dos Jesuítas.

It counts with the participation of musicians and teachers from the Conservatório Escola das Artes-Engº. Luiz Peter Clode and the Degree in Visual Arts from  Arts and Humanities of Universidade da Madeira, betting on a dynamic of re-encounter with the past, in the origins of the then Academia de Música  e Belas Artes  da  Madeira.



Duarte Encarnação

Jorge Maggiore

Work group:

Aniko Harangi (Pianista, Docente no CEPAM e elemento da OCM)
António Plácido (Actor e Diseur)
Duarte Encarnação (Escultor e Docente na UMa)
Gábor Bolba (Contrabaixista da OCM)
Irene Rodrigues (Saxofonista e Docente no CEPAM)
José Manuel Barros (Clarinetista, Docente no CEPAM e elemento da OCM)
Jorge Maggiore (Compositor Baterista e Docente no CEPAM)
Jorge Luis Mendoza (Percussionista, Docente no CEPAM e elemento da OCM)
Pedro Camacho (compositor / DRC)
Teresa Norton (Performer)


Internal collaborating elements (Degree in Visual Arts/ FAH):

Doutor Carlos Valente (UMa)
Doutor Vítor Magalhães (UMa)
Doutor Pau Galbis (UMa)

External collaborators / Guests:

Doutor António Baía Reis | artista multidisciplinar/investigador (Universidade do Porto)


Doutor Miguel Molina Alarcón, Professor Catedrático (Universidad Politécnica de Valência) 

Doutor Paulo Esteireiro (Chefe da Divisão de Investigação e Multimédia da Direção de Serviços de Educação Artística e Multimédia)
Rodrigo Camacho (Compositor)
João Pedro Pupo (Compositor)

Design: Paulo Freitas / Filipe Gomes

The Rectory Building of Universidade da Madeira (UMa), at Colégio dos Jesuítas in Funchal, hosted, last November 21st, an unprecedented performance installation by the artist and academic António Baía Reis, entitled A sculpture left to oblivion. This performative installation takes as its basic inspiration the sculpture Daily Income (1997) by the artist António Rodrigues and proposes a reflection on the concept of Public Art, more specifically, the idea of Public Art left to oblivion. During his performance, António Baía Reis used a combination of music, theatre and video art to give sound, voice, colour and movement to the inanimate and forgotten, exulting the value that Public Art holds, seeking to generate social and political awareness for the current situation of this work left abandoned for over 20 years.

Bridges and Pathways of Contemporary Music - Symposium + Concert -

It took place on January 30, 2020, at Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias, in a partnership between this institution, the Council of Culture | UMa and CEPAM – Conservatório Escola Profissional das Artes da Madeira Eng.º Luiz Peter Clode. The initiative was taken by Aniko Harangi in close collaboration with Duarte Encarnação.


For more information regarding the event please consult the website:


– Opening Session- 

Photography: © Paulo Esteireiro


Launching show

Homage to John Cage

May 2018 – Sala dos Arcos | Colégio dos Jesuítas | Funchal