Off-site Theatres

The classics, especially the most popular ones, enrich us intellectually because they represent a fundamental tool for us to get to know and guide ourselves in the complex universe of feelings, emotions and that make up life.

How can anyone talk about books? By putting books in places where there usually are not any. We talk constantly about what is happening in the world: well, the world is told by studies, novels, interpretive tools. We must be able to attract those listening to us, in a captivating way, towards the opening text. What are the texts? For instance, those that have formed the basis of many films, those that help us understand what we have around us, those that answer the big questions we face every day. It also means comparing with different cultures and with our daily lives. We will invite two faculty members and two classes to read a book; we will bring together the two teams of students and faculty members, discuss the book, film or television adaptation, and read excerpts.

We will also invite the public to interact. This “battle” will take place once a month in different locations.


Luísa Paolinelli