Literature - Off-site Theatres

Literature enriches us emotionally and intellectually, because it represents a fundamental tool to get to know us and orientating ourselves in the complex universe of feelings, emotions, and contradictions that life is made of. Theatre, understood as a process of formation, is halfway between the intimacy of the individual, their fears, dreams, and the reality of the real. This position allows it to be experienced as a place where one can experience one’s own interiority and external reality.


Aware of the differences between narrative and dramatic text – the narrator ‘writes’ for the page and the playwright for the stage, a three-dimensional space – the purpose of this Laboratory, in partnership with the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre and the Funchal Municipal Library, is to bring knowledge about Madeiran theatre authors to the academic space in the form of debates, presentations and workshops, while also opening up the possibility for other activities, such as writing and reciting.


The aim is also to get to know the different cultural and historical contexts of dramatic literature production in Madeira, experiencing the laboratory as a privileged moment of contact with new expressions and developing a taste for reading and theatre.


Luísa Paolinelli